This year’s show is October 19th!

The 20-Dollar Art Show serves a few purposes:
1. To get artists to think about creating original pieces quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. You may need to invent formulas to accomplish this. It can be done, you just have to be creative.
2. To get a bunch of experienced and inexperienced artists together with an art-buying crowd for a unique, often chaotic gallery experience.
3. Fun.

Entry fee: $20.00 per artist.
You pay your entry fee when you deliver your pieces. We accept CASH, checks (made out

to Stuart Breidenstein), or @BrightPlaceGallery on Venmo. PLEASE NO CREDIT CARDS.

Percentages: Artists keep 100% of sales. All pieces are priced at $20.

Delivery date: by October 12th.

Anyone can enter! You don’t need to be present (or local) in order to participate.

If you want to let us know you’re planning on participating, great! Shoot us an email at This isn’t necessary, but it helps us get a vague idea of how many

people we’ll have. There is no jury process or application.

You must pick up any unsold pieces and payment by November 9th - anything left will be forfeited.


1: No more than 36 square inches, including any frame, hanger, backing etc

This means 6in x 6in, 5in x 7in, 4.5in x 8in ETC.

Please measure your finished piece, including the frame, to ensure it’s the correct size.

If item is odd shaped, please make sure it errs on the smaller side


2: Name and email on back.

3: Ready to hang.

We ask that you test them before you deliver your pieces to ensure they hang correctly

Sawtooth hangers are cheap, and easy to attach!

Tape should not be involved in any aspect of the hanger

Most store bought canvases will need an additional hanger attached

If your pieces is delicate or heavy, PLEASE take extra care.

We will not hang risky pieces

4: We ask that you not sell pieces before the show. If you post a photo, and someone wants it, please encourage them to come to the show!

This is a show of original, 2-dimensional work that’s meant to be hung on a wall that you created with your own hands.

There’s no minimum, and no hard limit. But we ask that you not submit more than 20 pieces done in the same style. Push yourself! Do 20 paintings, and do 10 collages. Nail some pieces onto barn wood, and put a couple in sleek glass frames. Mix it up!

Some examples:
Painting on wood, collages on wood, framed fiber art, mounted needle-felted art, photos that you have scratched little cartoon people into, dream catchers, little paper-mâché masks, tooled leather wall hanging, little metal wall sculptures, tiny pencil sketches nailed to a chunk of old fence board, tiny pen and ink drawings decoupaged to an old book cover...

There are about 9,988 other examples, get creative..

Some examples that are NOT okay:

Photographs that are not hand-altered

Computer prints

Digital collages

Reproductions of any kind.

Anything that’s solely laser cut/etched or 3D printed.

You can: laser cut wood and add gold leaf, macrame details and googly eyes and then stitch it

onto a piece of AstroTurf and finish it with a saw-tooth hanger.

Unaltered screen prints, letterpress, etc.

Art that isn’t meant to be hung on a wall, like jewelry or sculpture or ceramic cups or wallets or knickknacks (unless the knickknacks are glued into a tiny shadow box or something.)

Every piece needs to be a one-of-a-kind original.

We get A LOT of questions about digital art and photographs. Photos and prints are acceptable IF they’re: painted on, scratched into, cut up, drawn over, torn and rearranged, embroidered on, decoupaged over, screen printed onto ETC. No multiples of the same photo unless they are drastically altered and differ wildly. Same goes for any sort of digital art. It’s only acceptable as a base for your piece. The vast majority of the work needs to be done in an analog way.


Customers don’t respond well to:

Things with plain white backgrounds

Cheap frames

Pieces with unfinished edges

Odd-shaped (not square or rectangular) things

Things that clearly aren’t meant to hang on a wall

Customers can tell if your piece was put together intentionally. They can also tell if you hurriedly threw it together. Please keep this is mind!

If you have any questions or doubts, please email us first! We’d much rather steer you in the right direction than have to reject something.