Stuart's of Bend is one part artistic design, another part functional kinetic sculpture and one of the hippest fashion centers around Central Oregon. Stuart's eye for detail, craftsmanship and unique wearable art is demonstrated in his eclectic jewelry, accessories and art found in The Old Ironwork Arts District of Bend, Oregon.

Stuart Breidenstein began his creative journey as a musician in the 1980s, then in the early '90s he began taking fashion and design classes in Southern California. Having worked under Breidenstein Design, Go Robot and most recently, Stuart's of Bend, Stuart brings creativity to the next level as a hub for creative innovation making jewelry, belts, art, unique camp stoves and his newest line of retro- inspired swimwear that launched in 2013.

Inspired by nature, Cascadia, swimming in lakes and an eye for handmade high fashion, wearable art, Stuart's is sure to impress and engage visitors with his unique, beautiful wearable art!