I aim to present mysteries and puzzles that momentarily captivate; causing you to pause, reflect, and think of possibilities. My hope is that you will experience powerful emotions (of all kinds), or at the very least, a spark that leads to further discovery.

Growing up, I took every art class I could find, including lessons in pen & ink. While I had always held a love of photography, using my Mom’s Vivitar 110 camera in the 70’s, it wasn’t until the 90’s that my passion shifted from poetry and sketching to photography.

Though Landscapes were my first love, most of my work is now in Abstracts and Architecture. The freedom of creativity that arises out of this art form embodies the perfect balance of structure and whimsy for me.

I grew up in the mountains and rivers of Southern Oregon with my childhood pal, now hubby. For years we have enjoyed living in Central Oregon, in the open and caring community we call home.

I am self promoted, except commissions, special orders/requests, and for some occasions, photo shoots. You can reach me through the Bright Place Gallery, my website (listed below), or email me at iamphotoartist@yahoo.com.

A sampling of more work may be viewed on my website: iamphotoartist.com

Art is meant to disturb, science reassures”. ~Georges Braque