When it comes to governing a state, overseeing a municipality, or leading a nation, humans have fallen pitifully short. It has become clear that humans are hands-down the worst decision makers of the animal kingdom. So bad in fact, that with another frighteningly small handful of bad decisions, humans will be the first species to obliterate their own existence. The time has come for humans to step aside and let the true masters of our collective fate take the reins and lead us to a brighter future. We plead that you turn back from the darkness and embrace a future led by the higher species.

The future is playing in the field.
The future is napping in a patch of sun.
The future is lived to the fullest, without shame or guilt, without the burden of comparing one's self to others around you.

Let's turn it around.
Let's make a good decision.
Let's elect Leonard




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Dr Leonards Mercantile

Help Leonard realize his dream of global domination as he takes his first step into the world of politics. As a thank you for any donation over $3, we will mail you an official campaign button.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal related causes.