“What I see and what I feel, the essence of my work, the reason I create.  My art really is two mediums, as my photography is as much a part of it as my mosaics. One reliant on the other.  It is this process of taking one medium and transforming it into another that truly motivates me.  Through photography, I am able to capture it, the light, the moment, the mood, the perspective.   Through mosaic, I am able to take what I see one step further and interpret it, simplifying some of the details, yet retaining its essence.  When producing a piece, my process allows me to be representational without losing the inherent qualities of mosaic. There is ample room for interpretation and expression.   

A mosaic is merely a sum of its parts.  Each individual tessera plays an integral role.  Using smalti and stone, the classic materials of this medium, each tessera is hand cut, carefully chosen and placed with intention.  Its size, shape, color and orientation relates to and interacts with the surrounding tesserae, which affect the overall play of light, color and texture of the mosaic. Having developed a rather poetic eye, my compositions have unique perspective and tend to be rather emotive and atmospheric, drawing on feelings of isolation, melancholy, solitude and contemplation.  Keenly aware of my surroundings, I constantly take note of the light. I am instantly drawn to repetition.  I find beauty in the ordinary, the mundane, the routine. Through my compositions, I hope to convey both familiar and shared feelings, as well as a sense of place, making a genuine connection with the viewer.”


Kerrigan has been a mosaic artist for 18 years.  She studied classic techniques and materials in Venice and Ravenna, Italy. She has been awarded, recognized and published on national and international levels and is widely known in the mosaic community.  Her work has been shown in Italy, Turkey and Australia, and throughout the United States. She actively shows in Bend, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. A Wisconsin native, Kate currently resides in Bend OR.