We're at Roger and Trevor Crosta, a father and son team of glass blowers, and we would like to show you our latest line of lights, inspired by the colors of the Northwest. If your project requires pendant lighting that makes a statement, our fixtures are the perfect solution. 

Our hand crafted pendants glow in a way that enhances without overwhelming. They give adequate light over counters or islands as well as provide accent lighting that creates a mood but doesn't overpower. They are highly effective over bars or installed in restaurants where dramatic lighting is needed, and a single fixture can be added to a select space for a pretty touch as well. 

Our lights combine functionality as well as form. We have colors you won't see it anywhere else, and our specialty is Scarvo, an obscure glass blowing technique we've refined over the years that gives our glass a distinctly textured surface that diffuses light beautifully. We build our fixtures to the highest standards, completely by hand, start to finish, in our family studio. Our production is limited, and we are devoted to making the best artisan lighting available!