AloBee Jewelry is 100% handcrafted fine jewelry. The unique designs are inspired by the constant change and growth that life brings. Everyone is different in a uniquely beautiful way, which is why I strive to create pieces that will fit unique personalities. No piece will be the same as the one before it, which makes AloBee so special. Many of the designs are inspired by the high desert landscape that Bend, Oregon has to offer.

My styles and designs are always changing with the seasons. With new inspiration and ideas flowing, you’ll see themes come and go, knowing theres always something new on the rise.

While I am not creating jewelry, I manage and teach aerial yoga/cirque at Tula Movement Arts, which allows me to explore another form of creativity. Although that takes up most of my time, I still make it into the studio whenever I can, so you can count on new pieces to come frequently.

The beauty of AloBee Jewelry is that you will most likely never see the same thing twice, aside from a few staples, everything is constantly changing.